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Ric Phillips, MBA, President of 3V Communications, ranked #10 Communication Professional in the World 2024.

Ric Phillips is the president of

Ric Phillips, MBA, President of 3V Communications, ranked #10 Communication Professional in the World 2024.

Ric Phillips is the president of

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Having a tough time climbing the corporate ladder? Working hard but not getting noticed, not getting promoted, and having trouble commanding the team? 

Right now, hard skills are simply not enough. You need strong emotional IQ and solid special communication skills if you want to build the trust of the people around you, be persuasive and take care of your career growth. 

By now you have figured out that it takes thousands of hours to gain real expertise in a subject, if you are going to do all the reading, research and pain-staking trial and error of learning and refining the art of effective communication by yourself. Why not accept some help? 

Hi, I’m Ric Phillips, Communication Coach, Trainer, Speaker and Author. I teach at university, train managers and entrepreneurs every day, and speak all over the world. I was just like you. Trying to figure out what to say, when to say it, and how to stay true to myself, yet refine my communications so that I was noticed, listened to and promoted more often. It’s the little things, and with communication, a lot of little things can add up to a BIG difference. 

Today, I’m not selling you an expensive coaching course or weekend retreat. I’m offering to help you on your journey to gaining more effective business communication skills for clear, concise and confident management communications. First parts are even free. 

As an entrepreneur and small business owner since 2006, I have been blessed from guidance, mentorship and resources put out into the universe by experts in a wide range of fields. I hope to add to that global database, and contribute to society, and to the overall improvement of communication skills around the world, especially for business leaders. 

This unique mini-masterclass focuses on teaching you how to build rapport, so you can earn trust and respect. It will dive into effectively managing others and dealing with inevitable conflict at the office. Your presentations need to be more persuasive? That’s in here too. From specific word choice, to tone of voice and clever body language hacks, learn the secrets of the 3Vs of communication, from the person who put that magic formula together.

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