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Ric Phillips is the president of

Ric Phillips is the president of

What’s included in the Premium Masterclass Series?

Our Masterclass is a 5-part series that covers all the essential communication skills that managers need to become more effective leaders.

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Meet your Instructor

Canada’s 1st Communication Coach, Ric has been helping business people communicate with confidence and clarity since 2007. He simplifies complex verbal and non-verbal communication using the 3Vs of Communication theory, and teaches practical, persuasive communication skills that a manager, entrepreneur or leader needs to know and use now, to navigate the office hierarchy, lead a team to success and take massive steps up the career ladder. Ric is a coach, trainer, University instructor, TEDx speaker, and was recently ranked #13 “Communication Professional” in 2022 by Global Gurus!

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Part 1: First Impressions Last

In this introductory part of the series, you’ll learn how to make a strong first impression using the theory of the 3Vs. You’ll discover how to command attention, create trust, and set the tone for successful communication. Don’t miss out on this essential lesson for managers.

Part 2: Developing People Management Skills

In this part of the series, you’ll learn how to build rapport, read body language, and effectively manage staff. You’ll discover the secrets to NLP, mirror and matching, and more. This is a must-watch for any manager looking to improve their people management skills.

Personal Growth Testimonials

This training identified the importance of ‘communication skills’ both professionally and personally, and gave me a reference point of where I stood with my current communication abilities and then provided me with the tools to build on them. I increased my confidence and self-awareness.

Bonnie R., Director, Clinical Operations/Laboratory Medicine The Hospital for Sick Children (Sick Kids) Toronto

I was looking for better communication skills to interact with senior management on a higher verbal and written level. This program helped me understand people’s intentions, body language, and the rationalizing communication process, and it helped me professionally with networking and my interactions at work. Great informative sessions, and practice was very effective. Awesome course!

Leo Munoz, CISSP, CISA, Senior Manager IT Internal Audit, ING Direct Canada (now Tangerine)

Ric is featured in

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Remember, success is not just about what you know, but how you communicate it.”

- Ric, Communication Skills Expert


In part 1 of our Masterclass Series, you’ll learn how to use the “3 Vs of Communications” to gain a deeper understanding of both verbal and non-verbal communication. By mastering this theory, you’ll be able to intentionally create the right “vibe” in any communication scenario. Additionally, you’ll gain insights into the root causes of miscommunication in the workplace and learn effective strategies to minimize it.

In Part Two of our masterclass series developing People Management Skills, we will focus on the secret of being friendly, but not friends with your staff to delegate and lead successfully. We will explore strategies for building rapport and getting buy-in from your team, while protecting your reputation. 

In Part Three of our masterclass series Managing Staff, we will focus on the secret of setting goals for employees, building trust, and giving feedback without offending them. 

In Part Four of our masterclass series Managing Conflict and Difficult People, we will focus on the secret of dealing with difficult conversations and people while remaining centered, calm, and fair. 

In Part Five of our masterclass series Persuading People, we will focus on the secret of using the most effective and influential keywords, phrases, and body language when pitching, selling, or otherwise persuading someone. Our goal is to achieve a win-win outcome, and we will explore strategies for doing so. 

My Promise

I’m committed to helping you become a more effective and confident manager through the power of communication. My promise is to provide you with practical skills, strategies, and tools that you can use immediately in your work and personal life. With my masterclass series, you’ll learn how to communicate with impact, build strong relationships with your team, manage conflicts effectively, and persuade others to get on board with your ideas. I’m here to support you every step of the way on your journey to becoming a successful manager.

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Key Communication Skills for Managers

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